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The reimagined concept for the overall cover design for Christopher Paolini's Eragon including the front cover, back cover, and spine.

As mentioned briefly above, the goal for this project was to take a book and revamp the entire cover to fit not only your personal design style but also refocus the book to the originally desired demographic. Through careful consideration, I settle upon redesigning the look of Eragon as the source material had plenty of information to inspire my design while the previous covers feature elements that I could adjust to work with my new version. My first change was replacing the classically illustrated dragon with a simpler illustration of the main character readying his sword, hiding a portion of his face in the process. For the back cover, I kept all of the original text but worked to strengthen the typographical layout of the text. Finally, because I had removed the dragon from the front cover I added a golden dragon egg symbol to the spine to still reference the creature.

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