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A native of North Carolina, Wesley Hurley is a graphic designer who specializes in illustration, logo design, and branding. As a BFA graduate in graphic design Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Wesley Hurley aims to create pieces that fuse the aesthetics of childhood cartoons with an adult edge that combine the best of bold colors and clean forms. When not actively engaged in design work, LYNNIX actively enjoys various other hobbies including Dungeons & Dragons, creative writing, and video games.



Created originally as a simple childhood nickname for online interactions, the skull now represents the design persona of Wesley Hurley. Formed from a stylized skull with a hidden L in reference to his middle name, the skull is both inviting and mysterious in nature. As such, the signature logo of a winking skull combines both the playful nature and darker aesthetics of Wesley Hurley into one cohesive identifier.

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